Women’s network gets cash boost

Women offering business leadership, professional development and networking events for fellow business women have received a financial boost.

Small Business Minister Russell Northe announced a $10,000 grant to the Latrobe Women in Business not-for-profit group on Friday.

The incorporated group of about 350 women, established in 2010, provides inspirational speaker events and practical seminars to encourage women to network with fellow women business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Mr Northe said the group provided opportunities to exchange ideas, create business links and further develop a vibrant women’s leadership group in the Latrobe Valley region.

“Our funding will contribute to venue hire, promoting and marketing the events, and developing an evaluation report,” Mr Northe said.

Latrobe Women in Business Incorporated member and DFP recruitment leader, Briana Tomasinkski said the group organised events based on feedback on what Valley business women wanted.

Ms Tomasinksi said this included catering events for women who faced work/life balance challenges and felt that they were juggling.

“I think women are naturally really good at networking, and talking to each other, but they often lack opportunities that allow them to attend those events,” Ms Tomasinksi said.

“By us offering events at lunch times and early evenings, where they might find it easier to attend, we’re having success and getting really good feedback in the community.”

Latrobe Women in Business is holding three events this year:

? 30 July, Protecting you and your business from cyber-crime

? 11 September, Inspiring People

? 4 December, Christmas Cocktail Function