A different way to shine

Jugglers, acrobats, tightrope walkers and even “trained animals” wowed the audience at Newborough Primary School’s circus spectacular show on Friday night.

Experienced circus performer and instructor Terry Cole spent a week teaching students from prep to grade six how to use diabolos on a string, walk on stilts and perform other tricks designed to impress their family members at the show at Lowanna College auditorium.

Mr Cole said he aimed to put on a complete circus show that looked like any other – complete with prep students dressed as ponies, lions and peacocks.

“It gives everybody a chance to be different for a week,” Mr Cole said.

The performer drew on his 20-plus years of experience working for several circuses as a clown, juggler, acrobat and musical director to put together the show.

Teacher Lisa Gravett said the children had lessons each day in the lead up, learning skills appropriate to their age.

“They’ve been loving it,” Ms Gravett said.

“As a school we often focus on academics and this is another way to give the kids an opportunity to shine.”

Grade five and six students Cailtin, Emily and Melissa said after mastering stilts, diabolo and juggling, their favourite activity was stilt-walking.

Caitlin said at first it was hard to master the art of walking tall, but it was fun when she got used to it.

“You fall over, but then you learn from that for next time,” Melissa added.

The girls and the rest of their class were dressed as ninjas when they took to the stage and all agreed the experience made them want to run away with the circus.