More work to be done: Advance Morwell

Advance Morwell chair John Guy has joined the chorus of discontent over the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry Report’s failure to recommend changes to the rehabilitation of the Latrobe Valley’s open cut mines.

In welcoming the report, which he said clearly detailed the shortcomings of Hazelwood owner GDF SUEZ Australian Energy and the State Government, he expressed “disappointment” it failed to address the timing and method of rehabilitation of the Hazelwood mine in its suite of 18 recommendations.

“Progressive covering of exposed coal surfaces on the floor of the mine would help to reduce the risk of fire, which needs to be addressed along with the stability of the high northern batters, which is another matter of concern,” Mr Guy said.

He said there was a strong feeling within the Morwell business and wider community that now was the time to bring an end to the endless negative publicity about Morwell.

“Our traders, whose businesses suffered significant financial impacts as a result of the fires, are telling us that in the interests of the town’s future economic viability and reputation, we now need to put this traumatic event behind us and move on,” Mr Guy said.

“We can do nothing to change the past, but we can use what we have learnt from this event to make sure that the people of Morwell and surrounds do not experience such a catastrophic event again.”