Trial for one-punch assault

A 22 year-old Latrobe Valley man has been committed to stand trial for an alleged one-punch assault, which left a man in a coma in January.

Marc Treadgold was refused bail yesterday following a three-day committal hearing in the Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court over the alleged attack on Matthew Ogle on 17 January.

The court heard this week the incident occurred following a neighbourhood dispute involving three households in Watkins Court, Traralgon.

Treadgold has been charged with intentionally causing serious injury, recklessly causing serious injury, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury and unlawful assault.

The court heard Treadgold previously lived in one of the households and arrived towards the end of the neighbourhood dispute.

Witnesses to the event Jacob Haysom, Caroline Stanton and Margaret Sherry told the court they saw Treadgold punch Mr Ogle.

Mr Haysom told the court he was arguing face-to-face with a neighbour moments before the punch.

Mr Haysom said Mr Ogle stepped between him and the neighbour to verbally break up the fight and he was struck from behind.

“I saw a fist come over Matt’s shoulder and punch him in the head. Matt flopped over and hit the ground head first, it made a real loud slap sound, it was sickening,” Mr Haysom’s statement read.

“I didn’t see (Treadgold) as he punched but I saw him pull his arm back after he punched,” Mr Haysom told the court.

The witnesses said Treadgold left the scene immediately after the incident.

Defence lawyer Pat Bourke questioned Ms Stanton’s recollection of a car she said Treadgold left the dispute in, pointing out she referred to a red sedan in her witness statement on 18 January, but recalled a blue commodore in court on Monday.

Treadgold has been in custody since 27 January, 10 days after the incident and applied for bail yesterday.

Police informant Detective Senior Constable Shannon Murray opposed Treadgold’s bail application.

“On the night of the attack the victim was placed in a coma and it was expected he would die,” Det Snr Const Murray told the court.

Treadgold pleaded not guilty to all charges.