Whistleblower’s name back on time

Moe’s now iconic George Street clock tower has told a lot more than just the time of late.

For some within Latrobe City Council, it became the controversial symbol of a recent divisive period in the organisation’s ranks.

Handcrafted by former council project officer Alan Cox, the two clock faces originally featured the maker’s name embossed on either side when first erected in January last year.

However, this clock making tradition was overruled last November, when Latrobe City logos were slapped over the ‘Cox’ name.

Having been dismissed from council’s employ 13 months after blowing the whistle with allegations of corrupt hiring practices within council, the covering up of Mr Cox’s name was widely viewed as an act retribution for ‘ratting out’ on his colleagues.

On Monday, that act was reversed, with Mr Cox himself seen atop a cherry picker dismantling the two 100 kilogram brass clocks to bring his name back to prominence.

While Mr Cox declined to comment, Latrobe City acting chief executive John Mitchell said he authorised the logos removal as part of an agreement reached during the resolution of a related unfair dismissal claim.

Mr Mitchell said Mr Cox was awarded the removal contract as part of a separate competitive procurement process.

“When he was employed at Latrobe City Council, Mr Cox made this particular clock as he had the experience and skills to do the work,” Mr Mitchell said.