Spring festival to ‘bring people back’

Latrobe Valley residents, artists, farmers and producers of all things home made will flock to a bigger and better spring festival this weekend.

On a much larger scale than last year’s Spring Festival, the Spring Sustainability Festival by RMIT’s ReActivate Latrobe Valley hopes to bring the community together over three days.

With different projects underway, including the Get Sunflowered project and an array of community groups on board, the message of a sustainable society will be spread.

“It’s about celebrating the qualities of Latrobe Valley, it’s about activating the town centres and bringing people back into the towns, in particular Morwell,” RMIT associate professor Rosalea Monacella said.

“When we run the markets in Morwell it’s a celebration and bringing a different type of life to the town.”

This will be the fourth festival in Morwell run by ReActivate Latrobe Valley since its inception.

“There are two actions associated with running these festivals,” Associate professor Monacella said.

“One is that its celebrating the creative things that are happening in the area as well as the notion of sustainability talks about the way we live, our environment and the way we go about making products and produce.

“But also it’s bringing community sustainability and talking about how we strengthen the community.”

Encompassing the Traralgon Show and the Gippsland Antiques and Collectables Show in its breadth, Ms Monacella hoped the events would encourage residents to celebrate what Latrobe Valley had to offer.