STATE ELECTION: Northe hits out

Member for Morwell Russell Northe has hit out at Victorian Labor over television advertising which references the Hazelwood mine fire, labelling the approach as “utterly wrong”.

Mr Northe accused Labor of using an event that had a “detrimental impact on the community”, for political purposes.

“I’ve been in opposition when we had our fair share of fires and floods and storms where some of our communities were absolutely devastated,” Mr Northe said.

“I never sought to use those types of events for political advantage. I would not want to have communities relive those types of events for political purposes and I think Labor have stooped really low.”

Labor candidate for Morwell Jadon Mintern said “it comes back to the response of the government” to the mine fire.

“The reality is, there are still people who are sitting in houses that haven’t been cleaned up properly,” Mr Mintern said.

“We’ve got a whole lot of issues the community is still looking for action or answers on and Russell Northe and his government don’t think they are.”