Lake set for development

A “game-changing” residential and recreational development near Moe’s Lake Narracan will go ahead, despite councillors’ and residents’ reservations and concerns.

Latrobe City Council voted to adopt the Lake Narracan Precinct Structure Plan, which dictates the development of the area over at least the next 20 years.

It will see the introduction of shops, walking tracks, a primary school and hundreds of new homes, which developers have touted to benefit the whole region.

While some councillors expressed concerns the small land owners may be

“trampled”, none opposed the development.

Community consultation found of 393 submissions received, 369 supported the plan, however just 30 of these were from landowners within the precinct, 21 of whom objected.

Councillor Sharon Gibson said an option was drafted after the plan last came before council in September, which she hoped would be a solution for the small land owners who were concerned about rate increases.

The option was leaving all smaller lots out of the plan, which developers also agreed to.

However, Cr Gibson said two residents’ meetings found other small land owners did want to be included, and so this option was not chosen.

“I would hope that most small landowners’ fears were addressed and most won’t be realised,” Cr Gibson said.

“It’s a beautiful area – there is a lot of potential there.”

Cr Gibson reminded residents the development “won’t happen overnight”.

Cr Middlemiss also highlighted concerns about a turn on the Moe-Glengarry Road, which he did not think would be suitable for B-Double trucks, despite the Metropolitan Planning Authority assuring this was the case.

Cr Gibson said she hoped any issues that arose could be dealt with as the development progressed.