Moe woman dies in hospital after crash

Moe woman dies in hospital

A Latrobe Valley woman has died in hospital after a collision in Moe earlier this month.

It is believed the 63 year-old woman was attempting to cross High Street just before 9am on Friday, 5 December when she was struck by a car.

The Moe woman was airlifted to The Alfred hospital where she died on Friday night.

The female driver stopped at the scene and assisted police.

Firearm owners on notice

Local police say they will crack down on the improper storage of firearms with random inspections that could result in charges or the removal of firearms.

It comes after a spate of firearm thefts throughout the Latrobe Valley, Baw Baw and South Gippsland in which police found that in some instances it was easy for thieves to access improperly stored firearms.

The Firearms Act requires that when firearms are not being used, they must be locked away and secured properly.

This means they must be in a receptacle that is strong and not easily penetrable and it must have locks of sturdy construction.

The firearm safe must also be bolted to the floor or wall of the premises where the firearms are stored.

Divisional Firearms Officer, Leading Senior Constable Ian Miles said all firearm owners needed to take their responsibilities seriously and get proper and secure storage.

“In this day and age, the ‘old school lockers’ and wooden wardrobes are not good enough as they can be broken into with minimal effort,” Ldg Snr Const Miles said.

“Firearm safes, whether store-bought or home-made, should be installed to keep the firearms out of reach of thieves.

“Those owners not prepared to make these efforts should consider disposing of their firearms through a firearm dealer or surrendering them to a police station for destruction.”

Anyone with enquiries can phone the Divisional Firearms Officer on 5131 5072.