Police lay down the law on pot

Morwell police seize marijuana

LATROBE Valley police are reminding the community there is no legal amount of cannabis for personal use.

The warning comes after police arrested a 40 year-old woman for allegedly growing, owning and using marijuana on a private rental property in Morwell.

Morwell police Sergeant John Roberts said officers were attending a dispute between the landlord and tenant last Wednesday when they discovered three marijuana plants growing in the backyard.

Sgt Roberts said a female occupant of the house was arrested, charged and released on bail on Wednesday evening.

“There still seems to be an urban myth in relation to the growing of cannabis,” Sgt Roberts said.

“There is no legal quantity into personal use.

“We don’t have any discretion in relation to the possessing or cultivating of any amount of cannabis.”

The woman, charged with the cultivation and possession of cannabis, will appear in Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 23 March.

More cannabis found

IN a separate incident last Thursday, Morwell police executed a warrant at a Morwell property, where they found a small quantity of cannabis.

Morwell Sergeant Mark Britton said the warrant was executed as part of an ongoing investigation, which saw the arrest of a 36 year-old woman.

“Morwell police are continually looking at our local drug use and trafficking,” Sgt Britton said.

“We’re always looking into the matter and ask for anyone with any information to phone Crime Stoppers or the station.”

The public can phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Arsonists target rubbish bins

CFA fire fighters were called to Morwell’s Airlie Bank Road and Dayble Street in the early hours of last Thursday morning to extinguish burning bins.

The offenders remain unknown to police, who are seeking more information.

“It happens from time to time, but we treat it very seriously,” Sgt Britton said.

“Especially considering we’re about to come into some serious fire-danger weather.”

Anyone with information should phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.