‘Rank and file Nazi’ charged


A Moe man has been charged after making death and rape threats to Yarra Councillor Stephen Jolly and his family.

It comes days after United Patriots Front administrator Neil Erikson’s name was attached to threats on social media to kill the Socialist Party councillor.

In what appears to be a separate incident, the 38 year-old Moe man is alleged to have left messages on the Socialist councillor’s mobile and office phones.

“Hey Stephen Jolly, I’m going to f—ing rape your face,” the man allegedly said in a message left at 4.15am on 20 July.

He then used further expletives before hanging up.

A similar message was left at the Richmond Town Hall at the same time.

The same man is alleged to have left another message at the town hall about 1.30am on Thursday.

“[Council officers] told me ‘horrific threats have been made to you and your wife,'” Cr Jolly said.

He said he chose not to listen to the message, but assumed they included death threats due to the charges laid.

Police charged the man on Thursday evening with threats to kill, threats to inflict serious injury, stalking and related matters.

Cr Jolly said the man who called him was probably “just a rank and file Nazi”.

“But he took it too far,” he said.

“It’s quite scary for my family. I’ve got a 17 year-old daughter who is completing her VCE and I don’t want her stressing about it.

“I’m a target, I bought into this, but my family didn’t.”

Cr Jolly said police were taking the matter “very seriously”.

“You can have your political differences, but when you start threatening physical violence against elected representatives, that’s just not on,” he said.

“For people who are trying to reclaim Australia, they are bringing in methods of discourse that are quite foreign to this country – assassinations and bashings.”

Police launched an investigation and began patrolling Cr Jolly’s house after the social media threats were made last week.

A screen grab with posts attributed to Mr Erikson about Cr Jolly include: “We’ve been tracking his moves, we know everything he does. What time he goes to work, what time he has lunch and what time he comes home … manual removal if necessary.”

Mr Erikson denied the messages were written by him, attributing them to anonymous online trolls.

Cr Jolly has co-organised anti-racist rallies to counter anti-Islam protests held by groups including the United Patriots Front, which is associated with neo-Nazis.

The United Patriots Front, a splinter group of Reclaim Australia, held a rally outside Richmond Town Hall to “bring down” Cr Jolly in May.

The Moe man has been bailed to appear at the Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court on 6 October.

– with Bianca Hall