Search for the perfect rose

SOUTH Australian horticulturists are looking to the award-winning Morwell Rose Garden for their latest inspiration.

Botanic Gardens of South Australia horticultural curator Andy Hart visited the rose garden on Tuesday in the hopes of finding the secret to winning the prestigious Award of Garden Excellence, an award Morwell has previously won.

Mr Hart also planned to visit the Werribee and Mornington gardens to see how they operate.

“(Winning is) a goal of ours. I’m on a fact finding mission to see how (the three Victorian award-winning gardens) do things to take the practices back to my rose garden,” he said.

With Adelaide set to host the 2021 World Rose Convention, Mr Hart said a timeline had been set.

“It would be lovely to receive the award prior to the event,” he said.

Friends of the Garden volunteers were only too happy to show the curator around their garden.

“Our garden is of an international standard and all three (Australian) award winners are from Victoria,” committee member Ian Spriggs said.

“It’s fantastic (that Mr Hart visited).”

Mr Hart said he was blown away with Morwell’s beloved garden and highlighted the commitment of the volunteers as a core aspect of its success.

“There’s also a slight bit of envy. I can only hope my garden will one day be as good as this,” he said.

The Award of Garden Excellence recognises outstanding rose gardens worldwide and is awarded by the World Federation of Rose Societies.