Stay cool during the hot summer days ahead

With a forecast of rising temperatures this week, Latrobe City is advising residents to take some simple measures to help get through the worst of the hot days.

Council’s manager of aged and disability services, Helen Taylor, had these tips to stay cool:

-Drink plenty of fluids and avoid the sun wherever possible.

-Keep an eye on older people and children who might find it difficult to keep hydrated and offer them water.

-Wear loose clothing.

-If you go outside, wear a good quality sunscreen, a hat and long-sleeved tops as well as sunglasses.

-Keep your house shaded by drawing the curtains or closing blinds, switch on your air-conditioner or fan and use your outdoor blind if you have one.

-If you are doing strenuous activity, keep up your fluids and take longer breaks.

-If you are feeling overheated, place a cool wet towel across your feet or take a cool shower.

-Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious illnesses, so if you feel unwell contact a medical professional.

-In the event of a power outage caused by the heat make sure you are prepared by keeping your mobile phone charged, having access to a torch, battery-operated radio with extra batteries, and even a battery-operated fan.