A worthy cause worth bleeding for

Loy Yang A has taken home the national prize for the most blood donations per employee as part of the Australian Red Cross Red25 group blood donation program.

The company’s employees regularly roll up their sleeves at Traralgon Blood Donor Centre for a friendly blood drive challenge between Latrobe Valley power stations.

Averaging 6.94 donations per year per employee registered for the drive, the Loy Yang A was awarded for its efforts with first prize in the 500 to 900 employees category on Monday.

Neighbouring power station Hazelwood was also commended for its support, claiming third place in the same category with an average of 5.13 yearly donations per donor.

Combined, the companies saved almost 1700 lives during the year.

AGL Loy Yang general manager Steve Rieniets said it was a fantastic achievement by the company’s employees.

“Our employees should feel very proud,” Mr Rieniets said.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service Traralgon Blood Donor Centre manager Hayley Harris said the two companies had made a significant impact on the community for “not much in return”.

“These people come in and don’t do it for anything but a cookie,” Ms Harris said.

“It’s absolutely incredible what you guys have done and we have to say thank you on behalf of all the donor recipients who can’t be here to thank you themselves.”

Mr Rieniets said donating blood was a small thing the company could do as a large employer to assist the wider community.

Red25 is a group blood donation program by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service which rallies workplaces, community groups, schools and universities around Australia to save lives through blood donation.

The aim of the program is to hit a target of 25 per cent of all required blood donations.

To find out more about the Australian Red Cross Red25 group blood donation program or to register, visit www.donateblood.com.au/red25