University research project targets Valley childcare

The Latrobe Valley is the focus of a RMIT University research project targeting regional childcare.

The Childcare Flexibility Project is hoping to uncover the barriers faced by shift working parents when it comes to accessing childcare.

Project research assistant Georgia Keam said the Valley was of interest as it had the reputation of being a “shift work city”.

Nurses, police officers and paramedics are of particular interest to the study.

“We’re interested in parents who have trouble navigating the childcare system, especially those in shift work,” Ms Keam said.

“What we’ve found is childcare is based on the assumption parents work nine to five, but that’s not always the case.”

Participants are required to engage in an initial interview, as well as completing a short diary of the childcare they have used over a two week period.

“Is it a combination of friends, after school care and day care they use, are there times they couldn’t find suitable care? That’s what we want to find out,” Ms Keam said.

Those interested in participating, or wanting to find out more, can email