Wrongly issued infringements issued

Victoria Police is in the process of withdrawing 1825 penalty infringement notices that were incorrectly issued to boat and personal watercraft operators for safety flare offences.

An internal review found the infringements had been wrongly issued for possessing expired flares while operating a vessel.

Current legislation states the correct penalty for this offence is a charge and summons to appear before a court.

Water Police and Maritime Safety Victoria officers became aware of the error in May last year and a review began.

Victoria Police and Maritime Safety Victoria are in the process of contacting the 1825 people who have been incorrectly issued with these infringement notices since December 2005.

All fines that have been paid will be refunded in full, and no further action will be taken.

Flares hold a serviceable life of three years.

Vessel operators must ensure flares are current and obtain new ones if their use-by-dates are reached.