Uni study exchange partnership blossoms

International students will receive course credits to study at Churchill under a joint partnership between Federation University and its Chinese counterparts.

In a recent trip to Taizhou, FedUni staff negotiated a string of arrangements with the sister city which will provide students with the opportunity to study overseas.

FedUni head of campus Harry Ballis said the establishment of two 3+2 articulation programs, including three years of studying in Taizhou and two years at FedUni, would attract Taizhou students to Gippsland.

“In essence we are taking students from Taizhou to study in our university,” Dr Ballis said.

“The Chinese students can study a Diploma of Marketing for three years at Taizhou Polytechnic and transfer here and do two years with us to receive a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

“Also with two more years of study at Gippsland, the Chinese Diploma of Accounting students can upgrade their qualifications to Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). “

He said with the study credited into each university’s program, students would essentially receive a degree from two universities.

Also part of the arrangements is an opportunity for FedUni pre-service teachers to undertake placements in the sister schools.

“Our students training to become secondary teachers will have the opportunity to spend three to four weeks placement in Taizhou schools,” Dr Ballis said.

“But most exciting for me is the school (Taizhou University) wants to establish a 3+3 program.

“Essentially they want to want to establish a VCE program in China. It will be taught in English and students do three years in Taizhou and then do three years with us on campus (in Churchill) and they get an undergraduate degree.”

He said the arrangements had been a long time coming.

A delegation from Taizhou University will visit Gippsland in early November to finalise arrangements between the education providers and sign a formal Memorandum of Understanding.

“The sister city relationship that’s been established with Taizhou you can’t buy, it takes a lot of effort to establish,” Dr Ballis said.

“My goal has been about attracting 200 students each year (to Gippsland) and for this to happen it doesn’t just drop out of the sky; it involves a lot of planning and a different type of recruiting.

“But the goal, the vision, it’s all starting to take shape.”