Drivers, are you ready?

Preparing young drivers on the road can be a stressful time for parents, uncles, aunts or family friends.

However, a new safety initiative aimed at teaching the driving supervisor handy techniques is hoped to reduce tension in the car and help supervisors to relax.

Dubbed the Readiness Challenge, parents and other supervisors will be encouraged to sit in the car with a driving instructor before taking their young ones out on the road alone.

Australian Driver Trainers Association Victoria president Stan Gates said it was all about creating the “best type of supervising driver” who knew what to avoid.

“The best type of supervising driver is the person who is up to date with road law,” Mr Gates said.

“Everyone develops lazy or bad habits (after driving for a long time).

“We are encouraging parents or supervising drivers to sit in the car with the learner and driving instructor and they can see how the instructor delivers his instructions and he can answer any questions.”

The challenge is part of ADTAV’s year-long road safety campaign, officially launched on 1 May with State Road Safety Minister Luke Donnellan.

On Sunday, the campaign will visit Morwell, where a delegate of local driving schools, students and their supervisors will get together at Kernot Hall.

The general public is invited to attend the day, which runs from 10am until 1pm, to learn more about the campaign and hear road law discussions.

“When a young person obtains their learner permit, the first two or three lessons should be with a driving instructor (and the supervisor should sit in on these), just to gain some knowledge to instruct their student and pitfalls to avoid,” Mr Gates said.

“Hopefully over the months people might realise they might need a bit of professionalism. If they sit in the car with the driving instructor, they’ll obtain that.”

The year-long road safety campaign will involve monthly activities and regional events.

For more information about the initiative phone 9886 6104 or email