McAdam is for animal welfare

Part-time high school teacher Jennifer McAdam will stand in the Seat of McMillan for the Animal Justice Party.

Ms McAdam said she had always cared about the welfare of animals, but for a long time thought she wasn’t able to make a difference.

“But I now believe that the seemingly small actions we take can make the world a better place when we work with others,” Ms McAdam said.

“That is why I joined the Animal Justice Party.”

Ms McAdam said she believed a political party representing animal issues was a logical complement to the work of other animal welfare groups and charities.

“To improve the wellbeing of animals we need our political representatives to change laws and consider the impact on animals (that) legislation often has,” she said.

Ms McAdam said she was aware of the opposition she may have from the farming community, but said farmers in her family supported many of the party’s policies including the end of factory farming.

“I know I will not win this seat, but by voting Animal Justice Party 1 and then your preferred party, they will still get your vote but will realise also they must take action against the excessive animal suffering in this country to win your first preference back,” Ms McAdam said.

“Like so many, I was horrified by the gruesome images of the Four Corners live export expose many years ago – but I am more horrified this horrendous business continues – at such great costs and blatantly ignoring the majority of Australians who oppose it.”

Ms McAdam said she also supported an end to greyhound racing, duck shooting and puppy mills.

“We are certainly not a single issue party. (We’re) fighting for a change for animals that would lead to significant, unprecedented health and environmental benefits,” Ms McAdam said.