Ready to rock you

They say home is where the heart is. For 28 year-old Jaz Flowers, home is both in Gippsland and on stage.

The born and bred Morwell performer is busy touring Australia this year, playing Oz in the international musical, We Will Rock You.

Jaz describes the production as her kind of show, where she is able to showcase her “big rock voice” when she sings Queen favourites such as ‘No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)’.

“There’s a lot of satire in the show, it’s very comical and slightly ridiculous at times,” Jaz said.

“I get to sing something that’s really poignant and really meaningful.

“Everybody has been affected by someone who has passed away too young – everyone has – and so to sing a song that touches so many people, it’s really special.”

The self-proclaimed “country bumpkin” has travelled far and wide throughout her career, earning quite a name for herself after appearing in Hairspray the Musical as Tracy Turnblad.

She recalls watching the Lion King production when she was younger and leaning over to her dad saying, “that’s going to be me”.

“I said, ‘you wait, one day that will be me up there behind the curtain waiting for it to rise to have my turn’,” Jaz said.

“And I was really lucky; it did happen.”

Jaz admits she has always pictured herself travelling the world on the theatre stage, but makes a point of returning home regularly.

She says she is proud of where she comes from and dreams of one day creating a performing arts academy in Gippsland.

For now she’s grateful for her extensive career and the continuous support from Gippslanders, no matter how big or small the gig.

We Will Rock You heads to Melbourne on 30 August.

Jaz says Queen fans and musical theatre-goers will not leave disappointed.

“It’s all there on a silver platter for everyone to soak up and enjoy and the crowd always does,” Jaz said.

“Every night we get a standing ovation, which is rare in theatre, to get it every night, but people are up on their seats and… it’s just an incredible night out at the theatre.

“If you don’t get goose bumps throughout that performance, you don’t have a pulse.”