State’s health agenda revealed

Gippslanders have been treated to an exclusive preview of VicHealth’s refreshed 10-year plan, which looks towards improving the health and wellbeing of one million more Victorians by 2023.

The updated ‘Action Agenda for Health Promotion’ was revealed at a function in Traralgon on Friday, when Latrobe Valley community groups pitched their ideas to create jobs in the region.

The health promotion organisation’s first 10-year plan was developed in 2013, with the refreshed document looking at the first three years of progress and the next three years of work.

VicHealth chief executive Jerril Rechter said this ensured the organisation was on track, with gender, youth and community the key focus areas of the next three years.

“It is crucial to have healthy and resilient communities and the Latrobe Valley in particular has seen how influences beyond our control can impact on the health of an entire region,” Ms Rechter said.

“With events like the Hazelwood Mine Fire and the subsequent inquiry, and the outcomes of the Royal Commission into family violence, there are many opportunities to help communities right across Victoria, and the Latrobe Valley in particular, thrive.

“As outlined in our updated Action Agenda, VicHealth will play a significant role in the response to the inquiry through the next three years, supporting action by local people and service-providers to tackle the social determinants of health in the Valley.”

Promoting healthy eating, encouraging regular physical activity, preventing tobacco use, preventing harm from alcohol and improving mental wellbeing remain VicHealth’s five strategic imperatives.