Take your next step

A successful neighbourhood house program in Paynesville will now be offered at Moe.

The ‘Your Next Step’ program will be delivered by Moe Neighbourhood House from Friday for five weeks.

This free course is based around developing an Adult Learners’ Week community event.

Participants will develop media skills, improve their digital literacy, help in the community, gain work experience and build confidence.

The course is a ‘taster’ program designed to help people get a job, go on to further study or volunteer in the community.

It was developed by 2015 Learn Local Outstanding Practitioner Award winner Karen Fleischer and has been run at the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre for the past two years.

Its expansion to Moe has been made possible by an Adult Community and Further Education Capacity and Innovation grant.

Free childcare is also available for participants, but conditions apply.

“Being a stay at home mum, it’s good to get out and be a part of it,” Paynesville learner Alena Melrose said.

“Having childcare provided makes all the difference, because I am able to do this.

“The best thing is to be a part of the community and to feel like you can make a difference.”

Fellow participant Samone Giblett said the course came at just the right time as her youngest child had just started secondary school.

“I feel like I’m at a stage in my life to re-enter the workforce,” Ms Giblett said.

“It’s wonderful that this opportunity is out there to help me gain experience and direction. It’s been a great opportunity to learn and interact with people I may never have had the pleasure to meet if I hadn’t come here.

“I’ve learnt so much from the tutors, guest speakers as well as the other students.

“It’s been a dual learning experience, lovely to bounce ideas off people and listen to other life experiences.”

For more information or to register interest, phone Moe Neighbourhood House on 5126 3123 or visit www.moeneighbourhoodhouse.org

Moe Neighbourhood House is located at 1-11 James Street, Moe.