The last hurrah

Two Morwell primary schools are preparing to say goodbye after more than 100 years of education.

Tobruk Street and Morwell primary schools are set to merge with Commercial Road Primary School next year at the new Morwell Central site on McDonald Street.

The schools have each planned one final celebration in the lead up to the amalgamation.

Morwell Primary School will offer past and present staff, students and families a trip down memory lane with its open day, to be held on Thursday.

Tobruk Street will host a similar event on Friday.

“As most people know, the three schools are merging so each school is hosting a farewell for the school so anyone in the area can come say goodbye,” Tobruk Primary School grades four/five/six teacher Chris Dunn said.

Tobruk’s open day will include a historic display, community barbecue and school tour guided by senior students.

Morwell primary’s farewell will feature the opening of a 1980s time capsule, tea and coffee and a collection of old photos and memorabilia.

The school’s community links coordinator, Merle Williamson, encouraged the past and present school community to attend.

“It’s really the last chance for anyone to look at the school before it closes,” she said.

Both schools will close at the end of the year, with class to begin at Morwell Central Primary School in term one, 2017.

“All the students are really excited about it and why shouldn’t they be? It’s new, it’s colourful and it’s beautiful,” Ms Williamson said.

Mr Dunn said Tobruk’s students also looked forward to relocating, with the grade six students “most disappointed they will miss out”.

Morwell Primary School’s open afternoon will be held on Thursday from 1.30pm to 4pm at the school. The time capsule will be opened at 2.30pm at the assembly area.

Tobruk Street Primary School will host its final farewell on Friday from 11am to 2pm.

All are welcome to attend both events; no RSVP is necessary.

For more information, contact the schools.

Commerical Road Primary School will host its reunion and open day tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm.

Further information about the event, to be held at the school, can be found in the Monday, 7 November edition of The Express or online at