Steady Christmas trading

It has been a steady, if not spectacular start to the Christmas trading period for businesses across the Latrobe Valley.

Traders have reported similar sales compared to last year in an encouraging sign for the business community during a turbulent economic time.

Advance Morwell and Morwell Traders Group member Lynn Keeley said her store, Flowers in the Valley, was trading above average and the business community had banded together for the festive season.

“Morwell’s… running a spirit of Christmas event and the town’s decorated and carols are playing in most places,” Ms Keeley said.

“(My store’s) doing better than last year, it’s quite positive around town.

“With the town decorated up and everyone working together around the theme I think it’s made people feel… there’s co-allegiance happening between us.”

Traralgon Chamber of Commerce president John Groen said trading in the 3844 postcode was “comparatively very similar to previous years and going strong”.

Secretary of the Moe Traders Association, Susan Broadbent, said preliminary signs were anecdotally good for Moe, with those she’d heard from faring well so far.

“A couple of them have said they’ve been quite busy,” she said.

“(We had) the busiest weekend we’ve had for a while in the (Turn Back Time) Cafe  and all I can put it down to is there’s a lot more people out Christmas shopping.”