Council talks up trash

Hard waste services will undergo an overhaul if Latrobe City Council’s draft 2017/18 budget is adopted.

Council plans to do away with its no-charge green and hard waste drop-off weekends in favour of coupons that can be used year-round.

Under the new scheme, residents and businesses will receive two hard waste coupons which can each be used to dispose of one cubic metre of hard waste at transfer stations or green waste at PineGro at any time.

Alternatively, people can book a kerbside hard waste collection using both coupons.

This collection operates twice a year on specific dates, usually in December and May.

Latrobe City’s general manager of infrastructure and recreation Steve Piasente said the proposed changes followed community feedback about the drop-off weekends which were prone to long lines and lengthy delays.

“Council wanted to introduce this service so people can take it whenever they like to the transfer stations,” Mr Piasente said.

“You can dispose of your green waste and your hard waste at your convenience.”

The coupons would include a barcode to prevent counterfeiting.

“We’ll be able to collect data, by having barcodes on those coupons, throughout the year and present a report to council at the end of the year to say, ‘well, this is how the service operated’,” Mr Piasente said.

Regular kerbside hard waste collection ceased in Latrobe City in 2004 and has since been a contentious issue, with various schemes brought in over the years.

The cost of hard waste services including the coupons is covered by council’s annual garbage charge which is set to increase by 1.9 per cent in the next financial year from $311 to $317.

This charge also covers kerbside garbage and recyclable collection, processing of recyclables and green waste, transfer station management and operation, public litter bins, street and footpath sweeping and a portion of landfill costs, according to council.

If the draft budget is adopted, the new scheme would come into effect in the new financial year. The coupons will be issued to residents and commercial properties that have kerbside garbage collection.

Loads over the one cubic metre per coupon limit will incur additional charges.

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