Getting ready for the Girls’ Night In

Women across the Latrobe Valley are being encouraged this month to hold a Girls’ Night In to raise money for breast and gynaecological cancer.

The aim of the event is to invite girlfriends over for a night in and ask them to donate what they would have spent on a night out.

Morwell resident Jennie Hyland and her sister Debra Tormey have been holding an annual Girls’ Night In for the past nine years and said it was a great way to address a serious health issue women face on a regular basis.

“Cancer has affected so many people and I don’t think there is someone out that there hasn’t had someone close to them affected by it,” Ms Hyland said.

“I’ve been doing [Girls’ Night In] since 2006 … I wanted to try and do something to try and help out with cancer and in that first year we did it one of my close friends was diagnosed with breast cancer about three weeks from our first event.

“I guess it made it more relevant as to why we were doing it. It was a good opportunity for our friends to get together and have a chat about cancer and being able to support our friend at the time.”

Across the Latrobe Valley on average 168 local women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 70 women are diagnosed with a form of gynaecological cancer such as cervical, ovarian, vulva and uterine cancers annually.

While Ms Hyland’s friend who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 now “has a clean bill of health”, she encouraged other women across the region to throw their support behind the event.

“We hold our event as an afternoon tea. We also do fun games like using a Tupperware ball to see who can get the shapes through the holes the quickest and a Minties wrapper contest to see who can rip their wrapper the longest,” Ms Hyland said.

Women interested in holding a Girls’ Night In could hold a similar event or organise a sleep-over, movie night or pamper party, to name a few.

“I think if people remember anything they can do to help no matter how big or small, will make a difference to cancer research and support,” Ms Hyland said.

Money raised from Girls’ Night In events will go towards the Cancer Council of Victoria for work in research, prevention and support of women’s cancers.

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