Students get a taste of Australiana

Last week students at Newborough Primary School stepped into Australian folklore as they rehearsed determinedly for the annual performance which this year took the shape of a bush dance on Thursday night.

Garry Rose and his daughter Georgia visited the school on Monday, 9 October to begin teaching each year level the Australiana songs and the dance moves to each number.

Newborough Primary School principal Tim Delany said learning for the bush dance taught the students life skills.

“Being able to kind of think through what it means to, you know, remember dance moves or sing a song and be part of a group performance is a really stimulating and rewarding things for the kids so it’s a great opportunity,” Mr Delany said.

The Australiana concert topped off a history project the students completed following an excursion to Walhalla.

Guitarist Garry Rose said the students made great improvements in a couple of days.

“The first day we did the whole day and we did all the classes, working right through from the preps up, teaching them the dances,” Mr Rose said.

“They’ve been really enthusiastic and the teachers have been enthusiastic.”