Projects benefit from surplus

Heidi Kraak

Latrobe City Council will allocate $723,000 from its cash surplus reserve of $3.751 million to a number of different projects across the Latrobe Valley.

Council will provide $200,000 to fund detailed design plans for the long-awaited Moe Activity Centre Plan, $15,000 towards the Gippsland Community Leadership Program, $35,000 for the development of a master plan for Kingsford Reserve in Moe, $90,000 for projects in Traralgon South and Callignee, and $383,000 for other operational projects identified by the chief executive, including the 2019 Federation University intern program.

Gippsland Community Leadership Program program director Mark Answerth said the organisation was not expecting the additional funding.

“It is going to allow us to provide additional guest speakers, that type of thing, to the program as well as cover any additional costs that program might have over the journey,” he said.

“We’ve been fortunate for Latrobe to also be funding or supporting … our launch on the 21st of February at Latrobe Regional Gallery.”

The Hinkler Kingsford Reserve committee of management, a coalition of community groups hoping to establish a community garden in the Kingsford Street Reserve in Moe, welcomed the news council would allocate funding for a master plan for the reserve.

Hinkler Kingsford Reserve committee of management spokesperson Adele Pugsley and Gippsland Employment Skills Training program manager Rachell Efler said the funding would bring the coalition “one step closer to an outcome”.