LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you for all the offers of support

I AM the daughter of Beau Bennett, the pensioner who had his trailer stolen on February 22, as reported in The Express last week.

I have tried to phone to thank all those readers referred to me by journalist Michelle Slater, who have kindly made offers to either help dad acquire a new trailer or lend him a camper-trailer until he is able to afford to replace his own.

This letter is to publicly thank all those readers who so kindly offered to assist my father obtain a new trailer, or loan him their camper-trailer.

These offers have come from individuals who have offered to buy him a new trailer, from young male friends and others in a work crew who offered to donate towards a new purchase, from a young man who thought of setting up a go-fund me page and approached Traralgon Trailers as well as various fishing supplies retailers for support, as well as two individuals who offered to give him trailers they no longer needed.

My father was deeply moved and genuinely overwhelmed by the kindness of these readers.

Their offers reflect big hearts and even more, beautiful spirits!

It has been truly heartening for him to receive so many kind offers to assist him, particularly because it came after feeling so shattered when his trailer was stolen.

He did not expect this outpouring of generosity.

He simply wanted people to be on the lookout for his stolen trailer so it could be returned to him.

And perhaps this can still happen.

Throughout his life my father has always been a kind man who would do anything he could to help a friend or neighbour in need.

His is a very generous spirit.

Perhaps because of this, Dad feels very strongly that he is not a deserving recipient of people’s hard-earned money to buy him a replacement trailer.

This is particularly the case since Michelle Slater told us about David Watkins, a disabled pensioner who also recently had his (caged) trailer stolen, along with the ramps he used to load his mobility scooter.

It appears that trailer thieves are targeting the most vulnerable people.

Apparently there were disabled stickers all over the trailer, but the thieves had no compunction about stealing it.

Michelle has a story about David’s experience in this edition of the paper.


Dad feels that David is far more deserving of people’s financial help to replace his trailer.

I endorse his position on this and hope that readers take up David’s case as they were so willing to do for my father.

Dad had concluded that if he could not get his own trailer back, he would simply go without one, until I spoke to a woman called Jenny who had also contacted Michelle, but offered dad one of her husband’s trailers.

Jenny’s husband Max has recently retired and like my father, loves to tinker.

For example, he does up bicycles to donate to kids in need for Christmas.

It gives him an interest in his retirement.

Max also did up a 6″ x 4″ metal trailer five years ago, but no longer needs it as he recently bought himself a new tipper-trailer.

Dad and I are going to visit Max and Jenny on Saturday afternoon to take a look at the trailer.

I guess the offer also appeals to dad because he would almost be doing Max a favour by taking it off his hands.

Apparently, all it needs is a repaint (which dad can manage) and registration.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those readers of The Express who so kindly offered to assist an old man who had been struggling with the impact of the theft of his trailer.

You have greatly restored his faith in humanity!

While there are some without any moral compass at all, it appears that there are many more who are kind and compassionate.

It has been humbling indeed for my father to be on the receiving end of such kindness and consideration!

Julie-Anne Bennett,