Valley residents urged to get active with The Push-Up Challenge

Cher Jimenez

LATROBE Valley workplaces will on Monday start getting more active either within their work environment or in their homes as they support the cause for mental health.

Latrobe Community Health Service and headspace Morwell launched The Push-Up Challenge this month to encourage participants to do a total of 3046 push-ups over 21 days.

While joining the challenge is free, participants are encouraged to raise funds for headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation of Australia.

Participants can either join as an individual or as a team for the three-week challenge. If you choose to be a part of a team the target 3046 push-ups will be divided among all team members.

LCHS health promotion officer Rob Preston said the challenge could be done in people’s workplace or at home.

“You’ll connect with your work mates while at home, learn about mental health and get some exercise into your day without having to leave the house.”

Interested individuals or teams should register online to join and would be able to track their progress daily and also see how others were going.

The total number of push-ups aimed for the challenge is based on the number of people whose lives were lost due to mental health in Australia in 2018.

For more information and to register for the challenge visit or phone Rob Preston on 1800 242 696.