Stage 3 restrictions: What you need to know

Staff writers

From today, regional Victoria has returned to Stage 3 ‘Stay At Home’ Restrictions.

While many of the rules will be the same as those as from the Stage 3 lockdown in March, under this round there are some changes.

Here is what you need to know about the restrictions for regional Victoria:

When can I leave my house?

In line with the first lockdown, there are four reasons to leave your house:

1. Shopping for food and essential items

2. To give or receive care, including accessing medical services, managing shared custody arrangements or using a babysitter

3. For work or study, but if you can work from home you must

4. For daily exercise, with other members of your household or one other person

What are the rules for wearing masks?

A statewide mandatory mask policy is now effect.

People must wear a mask or face covering whenever leaving the house.

People with a documented medical condition are exempt, as are children younger than 12.

Failure to wear a mask or face covering outside the home will attract a $200 fine.

Can I send my child to school?

All students have returned to remote learning across Victoria, except for those attending specialist schools.

Onsite supervision will be made available for students who need it, including vulnerable children and those whose parents are permitted workers.

Permitted workers are those who cannot work from home, work for an organisation that is approved for onsite work, or for an orgnisation that is on the list of permitted activities on the state government website.

Can I visit my partner?

Yes. If you live in different homes, you can still visit your partner.

Where can I travel?

Travel within regional Victoria is allowed for work or study, medical care and care giving and shopping for food and supplies.

Exercise is not a valid reason to travel.

What about weddings, funerals and religious services?

Weddings will be limited to five people, including the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant.

Funerals will be limited for 10 people, not including those conducting the service.

Religious services will need to be broadcast online only.

Can I have visitors?

No. You cannot have guests to your home or visit another house unless it is for the purpose if giving or receiving care.

Can I dine out for a meal or coffee?

No. Under Stage 3 restrictions, restaurants and cafes are limited to takeaway only.