Third boiler house at Hazelwood site set to be demolished

The former Hazelwood Power Station.

A THIRD former Hazelwood Power Station boiler house is expected to be demolished during the next week in a controlled collapse.

ENGIE is looking at a demolition window to take down Boiler House 2 between Thursday, June 17 and Saturday, June 19.

“The time will be subject to favourable wind and cloud cover conditions which will help mitigate dust and noise,” an ENGIE spokesman said.

“While controls have been implemented to reduce external noise emissions as much as possible, local residents are likely to hear a loud noise at the time of the demolition for a few seconds.

“This is unavoidable, given the size of the structure, and the nature and placement of the explosive charges necessary to safely affect a controlled collapse.”

The demolition means only one boiler house from the former power station will be left on the skyline, following the collapse of Boiler House 4 late last year and Boiler House 3 in April.

The last boiler house is planned to come down later this year.

ENGIE will update the community on Tuesday and will undertake a letterbox drop in the surrounding area.

A 700-metre exclusion zone will be set up on the day of the demolition, and Brodribb Road between Nadenbouschs Road and Cemetery Avenue will be closed.

The Princes Freeway will be slowed to 60 kilometres per hour and the Strzelecki Highway twill be reduced to 80 kilometres per hour.

Traffic controls will be in place to stop vehicles from parking on the roadside while demolition is underway.

The ENGIE spokesman said contractors had already removed hazardous material, and “the works are not expected to give rise to any airborne asbestos outside the immediate works zone”.

“Asbestos air monitors will be set up at the site boundary locations and surrounding the fell zone,” he said.