Buildings at Hazelwood Pondage set for demolition

Hazelwood Pondage

An increased risk to public health and safety has necessitated the demolition of buildings in the Hazelwood Pondage and its surrounds.
The area was returned last year to ENGIE Hazelwood after the expiration of a long-term lease on the former caravan park area, and includes buildings previously occupied by the local yacht club, power board club and an associated aquatic centre building.
Since ENGIE was required to lower water levels in the pondage due to a decline in structural integrity of the pondage walls, the infrastructure on the site has been subject to on-going vandalism.
An example of the levels of vandalism was the disappearance of the stairwell from the former yacht club.
An ENGIE Hazelwood spokesman said the damage to numerous buildings and infrastructure was significant and it was also obvious that people were conducting various other inappropriate activities on the site.
“We do have health and safety concerns. As well as broken glass and damage to walls, toilets and the like, it is likely that there is asbestos within the buildings, given their age,” the spokesperson said.
“There is an increasing public health and safety risk and the appropriate action is to demolish and safely dispose of materials.”
Principal demolition contractor Delta Group will begin the works this week as part of the current demolition and rehabilitation program at the former Hazelwood Power Station and Mine.
ENGIE Hazelwood is pursuing approvals for the creation of a lake in the former mine void, which in future could see a permanent waterway four times the size of the former Hazelwood Pondage.