Advocate’s Report

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Latrobe Health Advocate, Jane Anderson.
Latrobe Health Advocate, Jane Anderson.  photograph hayley mills

LATROBE Health Advocate Jane Anderson has released a progress report on her 2020 action plan aimed at improving the region’s access to primary healthcare services.

In September last year, Anderson’s action plan Improving Access to Services in Latrobe was released.

The plan detailed opportunities, and demonstrated community commitment to improving
access to GPs.

Various stakeholders and agencies contributed to it’s development.

The original action plan has also been revised in the recent assessment, to ensure it remains in-step with current community needs.

“I am pleased to see that action is being taken to address the systemic underlying issues faced by Latrobe communities in accessing primary healthcare services,” Ms Anderson said.

“There has been great bipartisan support of the action plan from politicians in Latrobe and across Gippsland, and local members have committed to ongoing discussions surrounding the changes needed to affect real and lasting change for the benefit of communities across
the region.”

During the past 12 months, actions have been taken in line with the advocate’s plan.

According to the report, action has already been taken to improve training pathways for
doctors, build digital literacy, promote the liveability of the Valley and reduce the burden
on emergency departments by enabling new local system design and innovation.

Areas of ongoing opportunity have also been highlighted, the progress report states: “investment into longer term sustainable change with a view towards future population health trends and health system innovations are likely to achieve greater results.”

National Rural Health Commissioner, Ruth Stewart said the action plan had merits.

“The Latrobe Health Action Plan fills me with hope. Within its pages can be seen a deep level of community, consumer and clinician engagement with the complex issues of how
to improve access to primary health care in a specific rural region in Victoria,” she said.

“I look forward to following the future development of the Latrobe Health Action Plan. I believe that it is a springboard for great change.”