Health Advocate amplifies voices of Valley’s over 60s

photograph hayley mills

Alyssa Fritzlaff

LATROBE Health Advocate Jane Anderson has released her Engagement Inspiration from People Over 60 in Latrobe report.

The report is part of her Inclusive Communities campaign and aims to capture the voices of Latrobe Valley residences over the age of 60.

A broad range of issues applicable to that age group are included in the report, including wellbeing, independence, valuing decades of lived experience and the digital future.

“There is a lot of wisdom to be garnered from people over 60 in our community, and they have a wealth of ideas and solutions to share,” she said.

“Hearing directly from people with such vast lived experience can lead to better design and delivery of services, increased awareness of the supports that are available to people enjoy a healthy independent life, and ultimately reduce pressure on strained health services.”

Issues discussed in the report include barriers to healthy lifestyles, factors impacting overall health, reliance on others, and inconsistences in homecare services.

“I will continue to work with the Victorian Government and services operating within the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone to listen to and address the needs of people over 60 in Latrobe to ensure they can realise their goals for health and wellbeing and be met with empathy, understanding and appropriate supports,” Ms Anderson said.

The report discussed various findings, including the frustrations many participants felt about their opinions or ideas being overlooked, prompting the Office of the Advocate to reflect on how connections can be made between those in the over 60 community and other organisation and activities in Latrobe.

Technology was also a major element, which examined how COVID-19 has highlighted the lack of access to technology for over 60s.

Visit to view the report.