Moe touch in stylish jumper

Bianca Orange: The Disc Sweater Oversize in Bianca’s colour. photograph supplied

Alyssa Fritzlaff

MOE’S Bianca Bickham, has partnered with sportswear brand LSKD to create a jumper.

Ms Bickham is a loyal customer of the Australian brand, and is delighted by their decision to create her design.

When she posted an edited image of their jumper design as an example of what the colour would look like, Ms Bickham was surprised LSKD got on board.

“My favourite colours orange… and I thought one of their disk jumpers would look really good with the orange. I really wanted my favourite brand to have a jumper in my favourite colour that I’d wear all the time” she explained.

“I thought why not post it, not thinking anything would come of it and they were all for the idea.”

Her friends and family have been very supportive, with some even purchasing a jumper of their own.

Ms Bickham has been buying from the company since June this year and when she joined their online community group she was immediately struck by their quality of customer service.

“Just the way they responded to everybody… just the way they handled themselves, they go above and beyond for their community.

Now I prefer to shop there when I can, rather than anywhere else.”

Ms Bickham said the brands environmentally friendly attitude and “everything they stand for”, is one of the reasons she’s a loyal customer.

LSKD customer support manager Jade Cameron said the brand relies heavily on customer feedback.

“We always taken customer feedback into consideration, planning for different fits and styles and functions… in the past we’ve worked with gyms and personal trainers to test our products, but we’ve never done anything to this extent before,” she said.

Ms Cameron said the product has been successful and the ‘Disc Sweater Oversize’ in ‘Bianca Orange’ has almost sold out.

“Ever since we launched this design with Bianca we’ve been inundated with design ideas and colour ideas…things we never really would have thought of before,” she said.

“I saw it on a Sunday afternoon and it was getting some traction from the community group… we said if we get 500 likes on this post we’ll make it and we got amazing engagement within the first hour, well over 500 likes.”

Ms Cameron explained the colour Ms Bickham posted was based off a colour LSKD had already done in a tank top and a scrunchie, so their familiarity with the colour made the jumper easier to create.

LSKD is an environmentally conscious company, and have launched ‘project earth’, which is aimed at reducing production costs, and becoming carbon neutral.

“We are baby steps with that at the moment, it’s something that we really want to focus in on though,” Ms Cameron said.

“A project we’re launching within the next couple of days is an option to offset your carbon at our checkout. So customers can actually take that control themselves and help offset the carbon that their orders are creating.

All of our bags that we ship in and package our products in a bio-degradable, they’ve been like that for a while now.”

The Disc Sweater Oversize in ‘Bianca Orange’ is available at,