Adventurous trip for Nana’s birthday card

Sorting: Australia Post Morwell team leader Lindsay Cooper sorts letters at the distribution centre. photograph alyssa fritzlaff

Alyssa Fritzlaff

A LOST birthday card sent by a Morwell grandmother has been returned to its owner.

Workers the at Australia Post’s Gippsland Mail Centre were sorting through mail on February 27 2022 when they came across an envelope without an address.

The envelope read ‘William, Happy Birthday, Nana Bet’.

Workers were perplexed as the card did not have an address or a return address.

Everyday hundreds of letters are processed at the facility.

Yet, the dedicated workers were set on finding the letters owner.

They approached their supervisor, Mirjam Geisler, who started the process of finding its sender and getting the birthday card to William.

Linda McGann from the Mail Centre contacted local Australia Post branches, who spent the next day waiting hopefully for someone to come in looking for the birthday card.

Luckily, the very next day Nana Bet’s daughter approached workers at the Morwell Post Office, in search of the card her 93-year-old mother had sent.

The Morwell staff directed her to the Mail Centre, located on Bridle Road.

She visited to the Mail Centre, and explained that her mother had simply forgotten to place the address on the envelope.

The woman identified the card, and collected it, giving the Mail Centre’s search a happy ending.