STEVE Bechaz has done it again.

Of all his murals that have provided an uplift to Moe, the one adorning the wall of Moe RSL might just be his most poignant.

The mighty artwork takes up the entire previously blank wall space alongside Moe RSL’S carpark, and depicts images, themes and values synonymous with the ANZAC Spirit.

Poppies lay across the bottom of the piece, while the three core components of defence (Army, Navy and Airforce) are also given prominence.

Of all the items however, the sight of a wounded soldier being assisted is perhaps the most significant.

The wounded soldier in question is Wally Johnson of Moe, who was wounded at the Battle for Salamoa in New Guinea during World War 2.

A statue of Private Johnson adorns the foyer of Moe RSL, and served as inspiration for the mural.

Amazing: The new mural at Moe RSL. Photograph: Liam Durkin

Mr Bechaz spoke to Private Johnson’s daughter-in-law while completing the mural, while a number of people who worked with Private Johnson at the SEC also passed on their praise.

Fittingly, the mural was completed in time for Anzac Day, where it was unveiled to members of Moe RSL.

Rex Daly, who served in the 12th Platoon in South Vietnam, before returning to later build the Moe RSL facility, spoke at the unveiling.

Mr Daly, like most in attendance, were in awe of the artwork, and somewhat lost for words as a result, simply saying he was “gobsmacked” at what had been created.

The artwork is the biggest Mr Bechaz has completed in Moe, and took him around three weeks to paint, making for one month in total taking in preparation and delays due to rain.

He said he was appreciative of all the support he had received, noting this mural was by far the one that attracted the most positive commentary.

“It was good to see the impact the mural was having on people, it made the job more rewarding,” he said.

The Moe artist has completed a number of murals around town, in an effort to help try and provide a facelift.