Adidas the giant killers

Adidas players were estactic to knock off the top team Asics this week in Traralgon Tuesday women’s tennis.

While making the final four was all but off the cards it was still a feather in their caps.

The match began evenly but after four sets Adidas could smell victory with a two set advantage fronting up for the last two sets. 

The team was strongly led by three set winners, Carolyn Johnston and Gillian VanIwarden and the two final sets went to Adidas 8-7 and 8-5.

Adidas won out five sets to one, 44 games to 36.

The Puma team was unsettled with two fill-ins on the day, and Yonnex took full advantage by controlling the match from start to finish.

The team was ably led by Sharon Cumming and Anne Fleming, both three set winners.

The Yonnex team only dropped one set, and that was a tie breaker.

Final score was Yonnex five sets, 47 games, defeated Puma one set, 26 games.

Yonnex is now sitting equal top on the ladder with Asics.

The Wilson and Reebok teams played an entertaining match with the first four sets going two a piece.

Wilson held a slim three game advantage going into the last two sets but were determined to stamp its authority to finish off the match.

They won the last two sets in good style with Maiwako Inagi and Helen Paulet contributing to the team effort with an 8-2 victory in the final set, contributing to an overall score of 4-2 (45-33).

The final match of the day saw Nike finally scrape home for a win after an extended run of close defeats.

Unfortunately for Dunlop it was the team to have the close loss this round.

The match started with two tie breakers, going one a piece, followed up by one set each, with a slim one game advantage to Dunlop. 

Once again sets went one a piece but this time the luck was with Nike.

The final set was won by Nike duo Cheryl White and Pat Murdoch 8-1.

White played superbly all day.

Final score was three sets all 39-37 games. 

Player of the week was Anne Fleming.