MGFL season outlook

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Last season: 1st (runners-up), 16 wins/2 losses

Coach: Dean Caldow (new)

In: Ashly Payne (Trafalgar), Ashley Shine (Morwell East), Brad Wedrowicz (GFL)

Out: Daniel Risol (Woodside), Glenn Michie (Nepean FL), Jacob Mulqueen,(Eastern FL), Jake Stanlake (Yarragon), Mitch Stanlake (Morwell), Jonathan Weir, Thomas Wilson, Alfranz Abvan (Hill End), Jeremy Cattanach (Ellinbank FL), Lachlan Fanning (Hill End), Michael Gelagotis (Omeo FL), Thomas Wilson (GFL)

Expectations: Newborough needs to forget the last two seasons and concentrate on this year.

Under new coach Dean Caldow the Bulldogs will again have the potential to be near the top but need that bit extra to finally grab a flag.

Last season: 3rd (Premiers), 14 wins/4 losses

Coach: Troy Hamilton (re-appointed)

In: Clancy Bennett (SAAFL)

Out: Cody Palmer (Nepean FL), Tim Potter, Brett Spokes (AFL Queensland), Thomas Taylor, Brendan Van Huerck, Joe Brooks (Alberton FL), Wes Graeme (Warragul), Cayden Dalliston (AFL Queensland), Angus Peter (Boolarra)

Expectations: It looks like another top year in the making for the Tigers.

The back-to-back premier has lost a few players but have picked up some quality and the pressure will be on to secure a third consecutive flag.

Last season: 2nd, 15 wins/3 losses

Coach: Nick Lecchino (new)

Out: Patrick McGrath (NGFL), Courtis Bolding (NGFL), Jesse Bowe (Northern FL), Tyler Hillier (VFL-Teal Cup)

In: Jaime Aitken (Traralgon), Julian Blackford (Morwell), Justin Fulton (Traralgon), Jed Hickey (NGFL)

Expectations: Yinnar will again be a force in 2015; the Magpies do not seem to have lost many from last season and will pick up some valuable recruits.

New coach Nick Lecchino will drive them hard looking for success.

Last season: 4th, 12 wins/6 losses

Coach: Jason MacFarlane (re-appointed)

In: Luke Williams (Hill End), Henry Yu (Black Diamonds ), Leigh Carroll, Chris Kyriacou (Moe), Ash Payne (Newborough), Blake Slater (NGFL), Leigh Carroll (Yarragon), Ryan Cornell (NGFL), Jarryd Dyke (Hill End)

Out: Andrew Morland (River Murray FL), Bryce Whelan, Tom Adams (Ellinbank), Beau Golding

Expectations: It could be a defining season for Trafalgar, in which it needs to keep producing the goods to amass more than 12 wins and make the finals.

The return of past players, including former coach Chris Kyriacou, will increase the Bloods’ chances.

Last season: 5th, 12 wins/6 losses

Coach: Tony Giardina (re-appointed)

In: Kyle Sleep (Yarragon), Brent Wilson (Wonthaggi Power), Angus Peter (Mirboo North), Kody Pilditch (Morwell)

Out: Mark Van Dyke (Traralgon), Troy Auld, Brandon Campbell (GFL)

Expectations: Always a team of fluctuating fortunes, the Demons need to beat teams above them on the table and likely win at least 14 games to secure a finals position.

They have picked up some handy players from across Gippsland.

Last season: 6th, 5 wins/13 losses

Coach: Nathan Scurrah (re-appointed)

In: Cameron Beale, Brendan Van Huerck (Mirboo North), Steve Nadone (Alberton FL), Liam Osman (Nyora), Adam Tagliaferro (Nyora), Nick Brown (Nepean), Darren Chapman (East Gippsland FL)

Out: Jack Yelland (VFL Teal Cup)

Expectations: The underachievers last season can be expected to be a force given the talent they possess.

The Blues could lose a few players but are expected to cover their losses.

Last season: 7th, 5 wins/13 losses

Coach: Phil Town (re-appointed)

In: Patrick Morgan (Garfield), Lachlan Westhorpe, Beau Goulding (Trafalgar), Mugsy Mooka (AFL Cairns), Jace Paulett (Newborough), Alfranz Abran (Newborough), Andrew Green, Lachlan Fanning (Newborough), Scott Kerstan (GFL), Justin Rea (Ovens/King FL), Jake Semple (Newborough), Dylan Bentley (Moe)

Out: Matt Mosley (Warragul), Michael Parker (Moe), Jamie Somers (Ellinbank FL), Amburupa Uliando (Warragul), Josh Vella (Ellinbank FL), Luke Williams (Trafalgar), Brad Coates (Warragul Industrials), Oliver Hill (Nepean FL), Jack Skinner (Nepean), Jesse Sicacek (Yarragon)

Expectations: After the pre-season coaching debacle, which saw Brad Sinclair do a 360 through the turnstile, Hill End will be now settled ahead of round one.

Looking at their line-up the Hillmen have the potential to win more than five matches and could show improvement on 2014.

Last season: 8th, 5 wins/13 losses

Coach: Colin King (new)

In: Joseph Whykes (NGFL), Dean Brooks (NGFL)

Out: Ash Shine, Samuel Solomon (NGFL), Jack Brown (Morwell)

Expectations: The Hawks will need an influx of talented players to push them up the ladder, and need to win more than five games to show that they are on the up.

Last season: 9th, 5 wins/13 losses

Coach: Stuart Edwards (new)

In: Tim Potter (Mirboo North), Jake Stanlake, (Newborough), Troy Lehman (Longwarry), Shannon Little (Bunyip), Nick Pratt (Ellinbank), Lance Proposch (Garfield), Zac Register (Warragul Industrials), Jesse Sikacek (Hill End), Ash, Jake and Luke Woolan (Ellinbank), Joel Wyatt (Ellinbank). Josh Bourke (Longwarry), Todd Hall (Buln Buln), Lachlan Crowie (Nilma-Darnum), Tim Farthing (Ellinbank)

Out: Anthony Pavey (Yarram), Carson Strobel (Vic Amateurs), Leigh Carroll, Andrew Hewson (Maryborough/Castlemaine), Kyle Sleep (Boolarra)

Expectations: Team building will be important to the Panthers and creating a winning culture early will be imperative, or it could become a lonely place.

A big drive to recruit Ellinbank FL players could be a big benefit to the club.

Last season: 10th, 1 win/17 losses

Coach: Adam Bailey (new)

In: Campbell McInnes (Morwell), William Platschinda, Kyle Attard (Moe), Luke Norder (Morwell), Adam Bailey (Morwell), Shane Galea (NGFL), Thomas Hutton (Morwell), Jason Stevens (Morwell), Brett Harvey (Morwell), Rod Kearns (Morwell), Tim Phillips (Morwell),

Out: nil

Expectations: After a big recruiting drive Yallourn-Yallourn North is making a determined bid to get rid of the wooden-spoon.

They will have the talent to climb upwards and be a real force this season.

New coach and 2014 Gippsland League Trood Award and Rodda Medallist Adam Bailey appears to have brought some talent over from his previous club, the premiership winning Morwell.

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