Show court serving up summer construction

A 3000-capacity show court – the first of its kind in the Latrobe Valley – will hopefully appear before the tennis world’s eyes this summer.

The $1.3 million world class facility, capable of seating between 300 and up to 3000 people at full capacity, is in its initial design stages.

It is set to become the feature of the Traralgon Tennis Centre, attracting more international events and visitors to the region.

Traralgon Tennis Association manager Susie Grumley said the team was “really keen to get (construction) started”.

“For tennis locally, it will be wonderful for our local children and adult tennis players to be able to have the opportunity to play on it,” Grumley said.

“We will use it as much as we can.

“There wouldn’t be many country regional areas (I can think of) that would have a 3000-seat show court.”

Tennis Australia first approached TTA in July 2013 after it identified the Traralgon complex as one of 75 key regional partner venues across the country.

Local government and community projects manager Adam Cheyne said the success of Traralgon’s pro-tour events was “a catalyst for how to improve the centre”.

“Their events in October have been fantastic,” Cheyne said.

“(We asked), how do we get those events bigger and bigger?”

The resounding answer came as a show court, to be built in front of the TTC clubhouse and over part of its existing car park.

It attracted funding from the former State Government, Latrobe City Council and Tennis Australia – with a Latrobe City team shortly finalising its design.

Latrobe City general manager of recreation and community infrastructure Steven Piasente said the show court should be completed over summer.

“The likely permanent capacity of the show court is around 300 seats,” Piasente said.

“However, the facility will be set up to accommodate larger events with the introduction of temporary grandstands to accommodate around 3000 people.”

Valley Sport understands the temporary seating will not be stored on site, but the show court will be one of the few free standing venues across Australia to cater for that crowd.

It will also mean TTA is capable of applying to host tournaments at a Davis Cup or Fed Cup tie level.

As for any disruption during the construction phase, Grumley isn’t too concerned.

“As with any project of that size, you are going to have to make adjustments to various things and it will be more difficult with car parking while it’s on,” Grumley said.

“But it won’t affect the clubhouse or anything like that.

“It will have a minimal impact on the day-to-day running of the Traralgon Tennis Association.”