Harriers’ Mann of the moment

ONE of the masterminds behind the oldest marathon in the country received his due tip of the cap at the Traralgon Harriers Winter Championship presentation night this month.

Club stalwart Rick Mann was recognised for 25 years of commitment to the running group with life membership in front of 55 fellow Harriers.

Long-serving club member Ian Heafield described Mann’s nine years as key organiser of the Traralgon Marathon and lauded his continued efforts in coordinating complex events.

Mann was modest when describing his former exploits, and gave thanks to the people who assisted him over that time.

He said the “club owed him nothing” as he had “gained so much from his involvement with the club, including the enjoyment of participating in many events and making lifelong friendships.

In the competitive forum Jason Irvine and Karen Graham were crowned male and female winter champions with the highest point scores for the series.

With one season fading the Harriers are now gearing up for the summer, with a come and try night scheduled for next Thursday evening

Club president Will Hanrahan said the warmer months were the ideal time for members of the public to attend and “have a go”.

“There is a commonly held myth that Traralgon Harriers are elite runners, which could not be further from the truth,” Hanrahan said.

“While we do have some very good runners, the club is proud of being an inclusive and friendly club which is welcoming and supportive of people and all abilities.”

Hanrahan said the Harriers’ involvement in the establishment of the Traralgon parkrun back in April was evidence of its support for inclusivity.

The event is one of the most successful free weekly timed parkruns in Australia with 1400 people registered and a regular attendance of about 270 participants.

“We are delighted with the success of parkrun and the large number of people who have been inspired to run or walk on a regular basis,” Hanrahan said.

“The come and try night is a chance for people to have a free run with us followed by a free dinner in the clubrooms at the corner Douglas Parade and Grubb Avenue.”

For more information see the Traralgon Harriers Facebook or website www.traralgonharriers.org.au

Outright Male Female

1st Jason Irvine 869 Karen Graham 834

2nd Phill Mayer 866 Molly Irvine 785

3rd Edi Murat 863 Belinda Ruff 745

Outright Male Female

1st Ian Cornthwaite 45.34 Karen Graham

2nd Steve McLeod 49.44 Molly Irvine

3rd Glen Graham 50.57 Liz Kenny

Open Male Female

1st Glen Crawford 50.03 Molly Irvine

2nd Mark Rossiter Simone Forbes

3rd Ben Bailey Marieka Reilly

Junior Male Female

1st Tylah Whitehead

Veteran Male Female

1st Ian Cornthwaite 45.34 Karen Graham

2nd Steve McLeod 49.44 Liz Kenney

3rd Glen Graham 50.57 Tania Whitehead

2015 Swaggy Wilson 6 km

Open Male Female

1st Des Paynter 22.37 Kathryn Preston 26.14

2nd Travis White 25.55 Michelle Sawyer 31.01

3rd Anna Orr 35.48

Junior Male Female

1st Josh Bugeja 26.37 Claudia Belacchino 51.54

2nd Isla McRae 51.55

Veteran Male Female

1st Rick Mann 40.47 Belinda Heafield 36.18

2nd Lynda McRae 51.55

3rd Fiona Belacchino-O’Donnell

Open Male Female

1st Ryan Wismar Katheryn Preston

2nd Peter Cutler

3rd Joel Claxton

Veteran Male Female

1st Ian Cornthwaite Karen Graham

2nd Glen Crawford Liz Kenny

3rd Glen Graham Sandra Timmer-Arenda

2015 Boolarra Rail Trail 10 km

Open Male Female

1st Greg Semmler Molly Irvine

2nd Richard Clavarino Marnie Flowers

3rd Ben Bailey Becky Nowak

Veteran Male Female

1st Steve Quirk Helen Whitby

2nd Charlie Twomey Helen Reeves

3rd Allan Timmer-Arends

2015 Edward Hunter 12 km

Open Male Female

1st Des Paynter

2nd Brian Cake

3rd Matt Allison

Veteran Male Female

1st Ian Cornthwaite

2nd Graeme Ferguson

3rd Lance Thomas

Open Male Female

1st Sophie Fontaine

2nd Kate Jones

3rd Amanda Fontaine

Veteran Male Female

1st Liz Kenny

2nd Donna Gibson

3rd Cheryl Thomas

Novice Male Female

1st Jen Houghton

Junior Male Female

1st Darcy Wade

2nd Cohen Wade

3rd Quinn Wade

Outright Male Female

1st Steve Quirk Karen Graham

2nd Peter Cutler Molly Irvine

3rd Ian Corthmaite Simone Forbes

Open Male Female

1st Todd Houghton Georgia Pearson

2nd Megan Harper

3rd Michelle Colwell