Too hot to handle

THE extreme heat policy forced the cancellation of Traralgon and district cricket at the weekend for just the second time since the rule’s introduction.

Sustained temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius on Saturday required round seven of the competition to be cancelled under the law, which had only previously been enacted on Black Saturday.

The heat policy was formulated by the TDCA in the early 2000s following a round being played in heat approaching 50 degrees, with no procedure in place for such circumstances at the time.

TDCA administrator Gavin Foenander said the heat policy then came in as a common sense approach designed with player welfare in mind.

“It was about 47 and we actually played, it was ridiculous; we never had a heat policy (before then),” Foenander said.

“After that a heat policy was brought in because there were guys that got crook and we had to protect them (the players).

“We were pretty happy with the decision we made (on Saturday). At about 8am it was still okay… by about 9.30, 10am we thought it was a good decision.”

Fixtures for GCL, country week and TDCA finals in the new year do not allow sufficient time for the round to be played as a catch up.

The “wash out” will result in three points being allocated to all teams.

The outcome hurts the likes of fifth and sixth placed Glengarry and CATS, who are on the cusp of the top four and desperate for points prior to the Christmas break.

Teams seven through nine, Imperials, Toongabbie and Churchill, remain 12 points off fourth place and were also in dire need of results this round.

The Cobras in particular would be disappointed to miss their date with languishing Traralgon West, which they would have viewed as a chance for an outright.

The grand final rematch between Ex Students and Glengarry was another unfortunate casualty of the heat.

TDCA action returns on 9 January.