Sea change for Sharks?

A TRANSFER to the Traralgon and District Cricket Association could be in the pipeline for Central Gippsland cricket powerhouse Latrobe.

The Sharks will stage a special general meeting on 13 April to vote on a motion moved at a recent committee meeting to affiliate with the TDCA from 2016/17.

All current club members and life members will be allowed to vote.

If the vote gets up, Latrobe would then need to plead its case to the existing TDCA clubs, who would in turn vote on its inclusion in the neighbouring league.

Central Gippsland Cricket Association president Tony Flynn said the league was set to meet with the Sharks prior to the vote.

“From a league perspective it was out of the blue for us and we’re looking forward to meeting with them to discuss it prior to their meeting,” Flynn said.

Meanwhile, TDCA president Kevin Foley said the league was approached by Latrobe with the concept and was not out to actively recruit teams.

“They came to us, we didn’t come to them. We’re not really that keen on disrupting Central Gippy but in saying that they’re quite within their rights to have a look at it and see whether the clubs want to see if it’s a viable option,” Foley said.

Latrobe has been one of the power clubs of the CGCA and has featured in the past six grand finals.

The club has declined to comment until after the vote.