Boola Valley on the hunt

BOOLA Valley Field Archers shot with precision and pride at the State IFAA Field Championships at Geelong Trophy Bowhunters Club at Wensleydale last fortnight.

Peter Bennett became state champion by taking out gold in the men’s freestyle compound while Viv Bennett, Alan Scarlett and Tiziano Andreazzi medalled in their respective divisions.

IFAA is a marked distance field round shot at distances of 29 feet to 80 yards, with walk up shots and fan shots to make it challenging. 

It is staged in a bush setting with gullies and hills making for some tough shots.

Over the weekend archers shot two different rounds, field and hunter – which is slightly shorter distances but with more walk up and fan shots.

Walk up shots are four arrows on the same target face, but each arrow is shot at a shorter distance than the previous one.

Fan shots are all shot at the same distance, but one arrow per peg, with three pegs at different angles to the target face.

Weather conditions on day one were ideal, excepting some strong winds that made some of the longer targets challenging.

Day two had stronger winds, and a lot of rain, which made for some cold, wet competitors. For more information about archery or to get involved phone Peter Bennett on 0429 429 240.

BVFA results

Peter Bennett, Gold, B Grade, Men’s Freestyle Compound (State Champion)

Viv Bennett, Silver, B Grade Women’s Freestyle Compound

Alan Scarlett, Silver, B Grade Bowhunter

Tiziano Andreazzi, Bronze, B Grade Men’s Freestyle Compound