Walk the green carpet

MOE RSL was guaranteed the Latrobe Valley Ladies Indoor Bias Bowls championship ahead of the final, the only question was which four members would etch their names on the shield.

Two teams from Moe RSL contested Monday’s indoor pennant grand final at Moe Bowls Club following a 12-game season which began in May.

Audrey Turner, Margret O’Brien, Lorna Doran and Bonnie Fox emerged victorious after defeating clubmates Sandra van Rysbergen, Dot Wood, Yvonne Harvey and Mandy Christie in the final.

The association has four divisions in its competition.

The winners of each division were Morwell Bowls Club, Trafalgar Bowls Club and the two Moe RSL sides.

Morwell was represented by Val Dowe, Aleen Graham, Vanda Sperne and Joy Osborne.

Trafalgar’s quartet was Heather Taylor, Margaret Moss, Ann Kenny and Beverly Webb.