No stopping Ravenhorst

WILLOW Grove’s motocross maestro Thomas Ravenhorst has overcome a run of injuries to make his mark on the world stage and clinch the 2016 China International Motocross Invitational.

The 21 year-old privateer rider claimed the title in the south-western city of Liupanshui on 13 August.

Injuries in the Victorian Senior Motocross Championships did not prevent Ravenhorst from receiving an invitation to the event from organisers and the Chinese motorcycling commissioner.

“I’ve had a rough start of the year at the Victorian Senior Motocross Championships and the MX Nationals due to injuries but I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go overseas and race in China again,” he said.

Ravenhorst is no stranger to China, where he finished fourth in the 250cc class in 2013.

But this year was a different story.

“I qualified first in the International MX2 class, which was good. I led the first race and got a bit tired and young Cooper Pozniak (also from Australia) passed me so I ended up second in that one,” he said.

“In the second moto I ended up getting the win. The 2-1 gave me the overall result for the weekend and a nice big trophy.

“It was pretty cool. The crowds in China are massive.”

In addition to facing the other rides, Ravenhorst had to battle against the conditions.

“In Liupanshui, we were actually over 3000 metres above sea level so it was very hard to breathe,” he said.

“It was also very similar to a supercross track. The lap-times around there were about a minute so we did 26-odd laps during the race so it was very long 30-minute races.”

He will now turn his eyes to the last round of the 2016 MX Nationals in Coolum, Queensland on Sunday where he will compete in the MX2 250cc Pro class.