School bowls fun


The Traralgon Bowls Club is set to host an exciting new schools sport program aimed at grade 5 and 6 students across the region.

In partnership with Bowls Victoria, the new program is designed to introduce children to the sport in a fun, relaxed and supervised environment.

The state has been divided in to regions for the competition, with the Traralgon Bowls Club falling under the Latrobe Valley division.

Local schools have been invited to enter teams of 12 students to compete in the mixed games to decide a winning school for the Latrobe Valley.

Traralgon Bowls Club secretary Ron Hales said the new program was a fantastic way to engage younger generations with the rapidly-growing sport.

“Lawn bowls is a fantastic passive, non-contact sport for children to get involved with and is now becoming a family involved sport for all to enjoy,” Hales said.

“There have been many new developments and modernisations with the game of bowls and as a result the newer type games are a lot quicker, with more action than the more traditional games of bowls.”

Divisional winners will then compete to decide a regional champion, which will then go on to represent at the State Primary School Championships.

Forty-three schools from across the region have been invited to compete in the Latrobe Valley divisional championship, set to take place at the Traralgon Bowls Club on Friday, 3 November.

Local clubs throughout the region are offering support with facilities and coaching services available to schools on a voluntary basis.

It is hoped the event will grow to encompass an annual inter-school style competition over a six to eight week period.

The other aim of the schools venture is to establish a junior academy for promising juniors and provide a platform for them to go on to state and national-level competition.

Schools in the Latrobe Valley division interested in entering the event on 3 November should phone division coordinator Rick Battista on 0466 659 543 or email or phone Traralgon Bowls Club secretary Ron Hales on 0414 589 577.