Scenic conditions greet the Traralgon Harriers

Rolling along: Ron Verschuur strides out.

Last Thursday’s Traralgon Harriers’ running event was based around Waterhole Creek, Morwell.
It consisted of 6km around a three-lap course on flat pathways on either side of the creek.
While participant numbers were down, possibly due in part to the following Saturday’s Athletics Victoria State cross-country races near Warragul – meaning many of the 25 Harriers who competed in this would be avoiding a hard hit-out just two days prior – 41 people fronted to enjoy a scenic run in fine weather.
Some of the midfielders currently running strongly include Carly Korab, 29:39, Ron Verschuur, 28:25 and Edi Murat, 27:45.
Notably, Verschuur ran more than 14 seconds faster per kilometre than for the 5km race of the previous week.
Predictably, the dominant speedsters included Glenn Graham, Biasi Silvestro, Clinton Jolly, Yani Cornthwaite, Kaye Arrowsmith and Carly Korab.
The state cross country event on Saturday at Lardner Park attracted a strong team of athletes from the Harriers who took advantage of glorious late Autumn weather and the excitement and camaraderie generated by representing the club among about 800 runners from all over the state.
In the open age women’s categories the Harriers’ finished fourth out of 12 teams in Division 2, third out of nine teams in Division 3 and third out of nine teams in Division 5.
In the open men’s, finished second out of 15 teams in Division 3, first out of eight teams in Division 6 and sixth out of 12 teams in Division 12.
Overall a very successsful outcome.
Tonight’s Harriers’ run is the Park Lane 5km beginning from 5:50pm.
Course mapping is available via the newsletter and website
Results, Waterhole Creek 5km: Glenn Graham 22:26, Biasi Silvestro 23:03, Clinton Jolly 23:40, Miles Verschuur 23:42, Stephen Renehan 24:05, Andrew Greenhill 24:44, David Mann 25:47, Yani Cornthwaite 25:57, Chris Van Unen 26:11, Tobiasz Grzmil 26:16, Kaye Arrowsmith 26:20, Warren Shields 26:42, Stephen McLeod 27:03, Edi Murat 27:45, Ron Verschuur 28:25, Gary Fox 29:14, Carly Korab 29:39, Alicia Duncan 30:03, Phillip Mayer 30:23, Alfred Warner 31:04, Trish Clowes 31:05, Andrew Legge 31:28, Luke Jones 32:01, Kathleen Kent 32:03, Bjorn Luxmann 32:22, Collette Hofmann 32:52, Callie Cook 35:13, Bruce Salisbury 37:23, Mandy Ellis 37:32, “un-named” 38:54, Ann Bomers 38:55, Barry Higgins 42:52, Ali Trigs 43:22, Troy Wilson 45:11, Sandra Byrne 45:12, Robert Duljas 46:46, Belinda Heafield 47:16, Ian Heafield 47:41, Michelle Colwell 51:24, Kathy Quinn 51:40, Tony Arrowsmith 52:50.