Lions preparing for Gippsland League campaign

Prep: Moe Football-Netball Club senior players during their preseason camp in Kilcunda. photographs supplied


MOE Football-Netball Club senior players recently went on their pre-season camp.
The two-day camp saw players undertake a range of physical and mental challenges arranged by new senior coach Declan Keilty and assistant Shane Paynter.
Somewhat fittingly, the camp was held in Kilcunda, just a short drive from Wonthaggi, a town colloquially known as ‘Moe by the sea’.
Thinking caps: One of the challenges
involved filling a bucket with water
without moving the bucket from the beach.
Players arrived on Saturday to set up camp, before being split into four teams to take part
in an Amazing Race type course along Kilcunda Beach.
A free feed at the Ocean View Hotel that night awaited the winner, while the losing team had to pay for drinks during happy half-hour.
The course saw a one digit code given to teams upon the completion of challenges, which included filling a bucket with water from the ocean without moving the bucket from the beach, and solving the following riddle:
Once upon a time a farmer went to a market and purchased a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. On his way home, the farmer came to the bank of a river and rented a boat. But crossing the river by boat, the farmer could carry only himself and a single one of his purchases: the wolf, the goat, or the cabbage.
If left unattended together, the wolf would eat the goat, or the goat would eat the cabbage.
How did the farmer carry himself and his purchases to the far bank of the river, leaving each purchase intact?
Following the course, players took part in a training session at nearby Dalyston before congregating to discuss the season ahead.
Calm: The jigsaw solving skills of Harri Sim, Joe Skinner, Jacob Wood and Luke Summersgill proved to be the difference as Team Blue won
a hotly contested Amazing Race
during Moe’s preseason camp.
At the camp, Jacob Wood was announced as returning senior captain, while Jordan Ceppi
was named vice-captain, along with Scott Van Dyk who has been added to the leadership group.